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Evening Reception

The Wedding reception begins when the evening guests arrive and the entertainment commences. There are various different sections during this part of the evening and I have provided details on each of these below.

At many venues the staff will 'turn the room around' after the wedding breakfast is finished. This can take anything from twenty minutes to two hours, and the venue staff will usually direct you to a different room at this point (or on a nice day possibly head into an outdoor space).

Find Me A DJ

I will ensure that I am available to set up for the evening reception in good time, I always allow myself 1 hour for the set up to be on the safe side however 45 minutes and I will be done.
There are venues however that cater for the Wedding
Disc Jockey to set up well before the Wedding Breakfast is finished due to the fact that the evening and day receptions are held in different rooms such as Wynyard Hall this is great for me.

If you haven’t already cut the cake an ideal time to do this is just prior to the first dance.
The tradition of the first dance is a long-celebrated one, and for many years it was always a waltz. In recent times, however, far more variation has emerged in the type of track used with many couples now choosing to take dance lessons and have the whole experience professionally choreographed.
If you are planning a special first dance and would like a few different tracks mixed or sequenced together, then please do let me know. I'd be delighted to create something bespoke for you.
My main piece of advice regarding the first dance would be... don't rush it. Do it when it feels right, when you're ready.

If you plan on throwing the bouquet, then the end of the buffet can act as a convenient time to do this. This is because many of your guests will have vacated the dance floor in order to eat, making it easier to pull focus on the bouquet. In turn, once the bouquet has been thrown, a natural cue is provided for ushering everyone back on to the dance floor and getting the party going again.
This does seem to be happening less and less these days, which
considering the cost of a bouquet is perfectly understandable.

Let your hair down !!
Visit the bar.
Dance !!
( in no particular order ).

The last dance is also often forgotten about but, when carefully considered in advance, can round off your wedding perfectly.. I know well what works for moments like this - if you need advice, just ask.