idisco A New Trend For Wedding Mobile Discos In The North East ? Dont Think So

I DJ’ed a Wedding last week at an undisclosed venue and ended up chatting to one of the Event staff at the end of the night who told me of a new trend .
Being a bit of a trendy guy I enquire what this new trend was.

                                                                         The ‘IDJ


He mentioned to me that he’d seen an increase in bookings where the couple hadn’t booked a DJ but instead had used an iPod to play the music. 
I asked him how these events had gone and his reply was he felt that virtually every couple probably regretted doing so by the end of the night, because at every single event the guests left far earlier than when there was a DJ or band, and he felt it was because there was a marked lack in atmosphere compared to when there was professional entertainment.

I guess with the state of the economy it’s a route that more couples will explore and unless they’ve seen first hand the results they may well just presume that they can create a playlist with songs they like and that everyone will dance, and it’s a shame that they may well discover the hard way that it actually takes a lot of skill to maintain a busy dancefloor at a wedding and keep all the different age groups and music tastes happy throughout the night.

But not having entertainment, or just as bad, not having good entertainment, can make what was a a good day fizzle out instead of ending with a bang, and thus instead of a fantastic wedding celebration, it became a very expensive dinner party that ends early.

Yet another ramble !