A Few Regularly Asked Questions Ask The Wedding DJ

Please Bear In Mind These Questions And Answers Are My Personal Opinion Thats Why I Put Them On A Blog Not Facebook !

How Do I Find A Good DJ In The North East?
Word of mouth and recommendations are a good start.
Google is OK, If someone has a website that is a good indicator that they aren’t just a 1year wonder if the DJ only advertises on Facebook ... Beware!
What venues is the DJ playing at REGULARLY ? Nothing wrong with Workingmens Clubs but I dont play there.

How much should we budget for the DJ?
As much as you can afford, as with everything, the best comes at a premium. Scrimp and scrape at your peril. Generally it’s one of the smaller costs of the day but one of the most important. All your guests will remember the music and entertainment above everything apart from the dress.

How far in advance should we book the DJ For Our Wedding Reception?
One year particularly during the summer months to get the DJ your want, although I do get bookings with just weeks to spare.

What are the advantages of choosing a Wedding DJ over a live band? 
Cost, choosing a DJ will give you extra cash to spend on things like lighting and dance floors. Djs are also far more versatile in the music that can be played however I'm sure bands will have a different spin on this !

Our Playlist
Our tastes cross over hip-hop, country & pop. Will the DJ have a back catalogue that covers all music types and will he be able to blend the genres smoothly?
Indeed I will. Also, your eclectic tastes will go down a storm on the dance floor. Mixing up the musical genres is sure to keep everyone happy.
Will the DJ be offended if we list every single song we want played and don’t give him the freedom to include additional songs?
Not offended, but from experience this can kill the party. If you’re paying top money for your DJ, you’re paying for experience. If you want to choose all the music and in which order you want them played, you may as well plug in an ipod. Good DJs know and have tracks that will link your request list together to create as seamless and flowing a DJ set as possible.

How do you know if we hate a certain song and is it unreasonable for you to refuse guest requests if the bride or groom has vetoed that song?
I would always ask clients for a list of tracks they don’t like. If requests are received on the night that don’t fit within the clients style and personality, they shouldn’t be played. Guests generally understand this.

What makes a good first dance song? We need help!  We’re also need to pick an exit song. Any classics that you can suggest?
Remember it doesn’t have to be slow for the first dance. First dances I’ve seen work best include dance classic Daft Punk’s “Digital Love” and from the 60’s The Turtles “Happy Together”. For the exit, it really depends on what you and your guests are in to which by the end of the night I will of worked out.

How much set up time will the DJ need on the day of the wedding? Break down time?
All DJ set ups will vary but as a rule, for me it’s a maximum of one hour for a standard set up. This can also vary greatly depending on what equipment is being booked.

Not a definitive list of questions and if you can think of anymore drop me a line and I'll add it to the list.