Free Personalised One To One ConsultationCheck Me Out... Meet The DJ

Consultation with the client is a massive part of my service and believe that it is important that we ‘fit’.

To this end I offer a
free consultation whereby we can meet and discuss your requirements.

If it is not convenient for a face to face meeting then
obviously there are other methods such as telephone, email or even Skype.

It is at this meeting / conversation that we will thrash out what your musical requirements are and start putting together a bit of a playlist.

The playlist can be as specific or as broad as you wish, as a bit of a guide 10 songs will give you 30 minutes of music.

More importantly sometimes than the
playlist is the ‘don’t playlist’ there are a number of personal reasons why particular songs may not be suitable for the night please let me know which these are.

First dance and last dance are again important aspects of the night I tend not to give advice on the first dance as this is a very personal choice so over to you on that one.

I also encourage requests from the guests via the microphone on the night unless you specifically request that I don’t take them.
Obviously if a guest requests some hardcore rave or thrash metal etc I will check with yourselves prior to playing it !

I will also ask of you how you would like me to come dressed usually its smart casual or shirt tie and a suit.
I certainly wouldn’t turn up in raggy jeans and trainers unless specifically asked to do so.

I have seen many DJ’s turn up with their ‘mate’ or girlfriend this won’t happen I prefer to work alone.

Venue Uplighting/Mood lighting

Designer Wedding DJ offers numerous services to personalise your day and make it perfect for you and your guests, our Mood Lighting service is extremely popular with the modern bride and taking North East Wedding’s by storm!
We will professionally assist you with all aspects attaining to your lighting; this will truly compliment your venue, whether it’s a function room, barn or a summer marquee. Lighting can truly transform any venue!
Mood lighting creates an ambience and sets the perfect atmosphere for your special day. Enhance your chosen venue with our professional light theming. Transform your venue to compliment the colours in your selected palette (Bridesmaid dresses, flowers etc.) Create an elegant look which will leave you and your guests speechless as you walk into the room.
Alcoves, walls, pillars, ceilings and archways can all be greatly enhanced  by our Mood Lighting into stunning features that elevates any venue, adding even more sophistication and style to your photographs and videos.
Your selected mood lighting can change the ambience to reflect your needs and wishes. The lighting can be set at a low level during the wedding breakfast as a static colourwash backdrop which will become more apparent as daylight fades. If you wish for a more exciting feel to your evening your lighting can be programmed to change colour with every beat of the music throughout your special night.
This stunning, beautiful and impressive Mood Lighting system is now available thanks to the advances in LED technology, LED technology does not use a typical bulb resulting in our units not hot when touched, which makes them safe around children.

Custom Monogram Projection

Designer Wedding DJ offers the ultimate personalised theming for your wedding.

Bespoke customised Monogram projection as unique as you. Maybe you have already incorporated a logo, graphic or monogram for your wedding invitations.

Designer Wedding DJ could project your chosen image onto any flat surface, including the dance floor or any wall/ceiling of your choosing.

Project pure elegance on your Wedding day.

Designer Wedding DJ liaises with each client attaining the exact designs that the bride and groom desires.

I will design a proof and send the finished artwork to the client for their approval.

Once both parties are satisfied with the final artwork the monogram will be produced ready for the wedding night.

We strongly advise you to consider venue uplighting to compliment your chosen custom monogram as the colour washed backgrounds truly enhances the projection of your gobo.

Dance Floor Hire

The LED dance floor is a popular choice when hiring a dance floor as it really gives your event that extra magic and WOW factor.

LED dance floor have LED”s within the surface giving you that starlight effect beneath your feet.

This dance floor will give any wedding a special finishing touch,and turns important birthdays into something special.

These floors come in solid black or solid white and once laid, they are extremely robust - In fact they’re strong enough to take a huge weight including cars.

The circular dance floors are supplied in either 12ft or 22ft in diameter.
While these floors are predominantly in the black and white checker board effect, the central sections can be changed to any colour of your choice.

The fitting team are smart and professional and can install/remove equipment any time of day or night.