There's Always One - If Your Lucky

Ok your stood there behind the decks, trying to mix it up on the dancefloor. 

Could be a Disco @ Wynyard Hall  Guyzance Hall or anywhere in-between.

It doesn't really matter where it is you can guarantee without exception someone at some stage during the night will come and request a song.

Well whats unusual or strange about that i hear you cry after all I am theWedding DJ at a North East venue isn't that supposed to happen.

Well yes it is but for whatever reason ( probably due to mucho champers ) the lady requestor as inevitably it will be a lady will try and remember the name and title of a song but it's totally gone and they cant remember.

Then it happens they burst into some form of tune that resembles nothing you have ever heard before thinking that you are immediately going to say oh well of course i'll put it on next !

Yes the singing requestor its just a classic part of the night that i have a chuckle about on the drive home.
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